WUSA9: Cold Case closed after 18 years

On July 13, 1990 a gunman opened fire on the car the Ron Jones Jr was riding in with three friends near 5th Street and Massachusetts Avenue, NW. The road rage incident left DC homicide detectives with few clues except a composite drawing of the killer. Jones, who was a star quarterback for the Norfolk State football team, had graduated only months earlier. He had been accepted into Howard University’s Law School when the shooting ended his life.

The full story is available from WUSA9. I have also embedded their video coverage.

Notice in the video the old 1990 images of 5th and Mass. Mature trees and rowhouses.

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  1. 1

    mediocre bad guy says

    That’s a really sad story. I’m glad the parents will finally get some closure.

    p.s. Is that Mass Ave looking at where the Dumont and 455 Mass is at? That’s insane that was only 18 years ago!

    Looks like cap hill!