The District Chatter tells their DuMont story

Over the last week The District Chatter has told their story to date as contract holders at the DuMont.

Dumont Condos- Our Story Part I
Dumont Condos – Our Story Part II
Dumont Condos – Our Story PT II – The Lost Chapter
Developers must prove Force Majeure
Dumont Condos – Our Story Part III

Stories like these are why I am glad I did not have to buy new construction off renderings or floorplans of a yet to be finished product. My blood pressure went up just reading their posts.

As a first time buyer this spring I didn’t have another property to sell in this slow down and the inventory on the market for me to choose from was plentiful. I remember a few years back some of my friends would tell me that after any open house they knew they had to make an offer that night, probably over 10% over list, to even have a chance. Very different today.

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