5th and Eye RFP BAFO’s are in

I’ve learned that the 5th and Eye RFP deadline of August 18th for Best and Final Offers held firm. It had previously been postponed from June to July then again from July 18th to August 18th. At least 3 of the 4 groups turned in BAFOs.

The RFP had four finalists which delivered public presentations at the beginning of May. Each proposal had a prominent hotel element, retail/dining, LEED green building and an aspect relating to the Arts. A hotel is a perfect fit to both serve the Convention Center and create pedestrian activity in the Triangle to put more eyes on the streets.

Here are some links to recent coverage:

It’s also worth noting the reader poll:

May Poll: Which Development Proposal would be the best for the parcel at 5th and Eye?

  • The Arts: Donohoe/Holland [73, 54%]
  • i5: Potomac [53, 39%]
  • JBG [9, 6%]
  • Buccini/Pollin and Moddie [0,0%]

135 Total votes

No official word yet on the expected decision date from the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development. However, back at the May ANC 6C meeting Clint Jackson did suggest three weeks is a fair guideline. We await with great eagerness.

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