Shattered windows at City Vista – again

Lydia S of the MVSNA blog had the scoop earlier today on more unfortunate vandalism to windows of the retail storefronts at City Vista. This is a repeat of vandalism that occurred on July 26th. I learned from Lt Durand that the previous vandalism was deemed to be via BB gun or CO2 rifle. To my untrained eye this new vandalism looks like the same MO.

One Safeway window is shattered as well as both display windows at 5th Street Hardware.

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  1. 1

    mediocre bad guy says

    Is it too much for them (CityVista) to hire someone to patrol this area for 24 hours until it gets a little bit safer?

  2. 2

    Anonymous says

    Until it gets a little bit safer? That’s going to be a long-term and expensive commitment.