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    fourthandeye says

    When I was condo hunting in early March the Yale Lofts 1BR were starting at $354K with parking priced at $38K. In the past week I received an email stating that 1BR were starting at $365K with parking *included*. Effectively that's a > $20K drop for the package.

    Of course basing analysis solely off the "starting" price from a marketing blitz is dubious. There are many layers to an onion…

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    Anonymous says

    There are maybe 2 other units occupied on our floor. Only 4 times in the last 5 months has anyone else rode (ridden?) the elevator with us. And now they are building on the west side of the historic building?

    And speaking of the historic area, those are sooooo overpriced. I don’t see how they will ever sell the one right out front that faces the street and the front walk in. There is no privacy, you can’t open the blinds or everyone sees right where your bed is…basically they are going to need an exhibitionist who doesn’t mind living in a sketch transitional area where bums look inside your unit, and has almost a half-million to piss away. I’d call that a niche market.