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    Anonymous says

    I’ve been wondering about these myself. Are these commerical units or residential units?

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    fourthandeye says

    I figured they were residential. Are these the two story 2BR units? Otherwise if these units along the trench are small 1BRs without anything remarkable about them they may stay unsold for awhile in this market. As it is, many of the big new construction projects are experiencing extraordinarily slow sales for at grade 1st floor units nevermind quasi-basement trench units.

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    mediocre bad guy says

    These floorplans for the ground floor are the same as the floor above, the only difference being that the units on the 2nd floor will have offstreet entrances as well as entrances from the inside of the building. There are going to be little staircases connecting the balconies to the street level.

    Yeah those english basement units are gonna be quite depressing… If only they had given the terraces like anoter 5 feet of depth, then you’d have a sizeable outdoor space to make up for it.

    oh well.. that’s why I’m on the PH1 level!