Builder Closeout of Phase 1 at CityVista

This arrived in my inbox today. Phase 1 is the “L” building. I’m unsure of the size of these 1 BR. Anybody know?

Word from the MVSNA blog is that settlements at the “K” building began this month.

UPDATE (7/29/08 6:20pm): Discussion in comments suggests the Floorplan may be the LUNA.
UPDATE (7/30/08 11:05am): Unsure which floorplans are available for the deal – but check out the quirky Luna Floorplan linked above just for fun.
UPDATE (8/01/08 1:35pm): An email today suggests the 1BR at the L are sold out. Most affordable option remaining is 1BR+D for $369,900

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  1. 1

    mediocre bad guy says

    I’m almost positive that this is the one crazy unit near the entrance thats on two levels and is the oddest size EVER. Has anyone else seen this unit?

  2. 2

    celro says

    i’ve seen that unit. it’s on the first floor to the left of the entrance. you can see it from the street. it’s got a window in the closet and the bedroom is bigger than the living space.

  3. 3

    fourthandeye says

    It is fairly typical for a developer to do this with the last few units in a building in a slow market. I believe Logan Row did this a few months back.

    Sonata dropped a 2BR down to $375K earlier this year. The Sonata unit was a bit of a turkey unit in my opinion. Very high condo fees ($650?). 2nd floor above the garage door with a exhaust pipe immediately outside the window.

    The affordable units that last until the very end often have something unappealing about them. Most often it is an awkward layout or low floor. If the media latches onto this they’ll be sure to ignore the unit specific details and frame it as if the market for 1BR is dropping across the board by 50K. But the devil is in the details.

  4. 4

    fourthandeye says

    Expanding on my previous comment… While units available during closeout may not be totally “on par” in some respects to many units the sales team previously sold, they do present an opportunity for new buyers to purchase in our community rather than Hilleast, Alexandria, Silver Spring, etc. Hooray for that and welcome!

    You can always count on me for a huge run-on sentence. =)

  5. 6

    JohnGuy says

    I seriously doubt that the unit advertised at $318,900 (including parking)is the Luna. That unit is probably the most expensive of all the one bedrooms. Although I admit the window in the closet is odd, if it is indeed $318,900 I would buy it in a second, especially if parking is included.

  6. 7

    mediocre bad guy says

    I saw the Luna about a month ago and it was in fact the only one bedroom left in the building… The price does sound about right since the first floor of this unit is just about useless.

    You can’t seriously arrange a living and eating combination in that room unless you did some major overhaul to the way the apartment is laid out.

    I’m sure it’ll make someone happy though!