Safeway Construction Update

I peeked in a few of the windows at City Vista Safeway to gauge the construction progress. I could see that the signs above the Meat & Seafoods counter, Customer Service booth and Cafe Seating have been hung. Encouraging that the exposed cinder block I saw 3 weeks ago seems to be covered now. Many of the produce shelves are in place. I’m not sure if the flooring is complete and covered in dust or if it is yet to be installed.

Please forgive the glare in the photo below as I took it through thick glass.

I had read in a few places the Safeway would open in September. I still have some doubts on this. The construction seems like it could potentially be completed in that timeframe. However stocking shelves and training employees (unless training has begun offsite) would add 3 or more weeks – right?

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