Shattered Windows at City Vista

Storefronts on the 5th Street facing of City Vista appeared to have had their windows shattered by bullets over the weekend. Both display windows of 5th Street Ace Hardware are shattered as well as windows at Safeway and the City Vista Sales office.

Three shattered windows at Ace Hardware(2) and City Vista’s Sales Center

Closeup of a bullet hole at 5th Street Ace Hardware

The Lifein MVSNA community blog reported this shameful vandalism earlier today.

UPDATE (8/6/2008 11:10am): I forgot to update this to the post last week, but Lt Durand replied to my inquiry and said “It appears that someone used a BB gun or CO2 rifle to shoot out the windows. My troops will be giving the area special attention.

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  1. 1

    IMGoph says

    biked past that yesterday afternoon around 6, and the windows were intact then…

  2. 2

    pqresident says

    while this could have happened anywhere in the city, this is a small reminder that parts of this area are on the frontier of redevelopment.

  3. 3

    Anonymous says

    Not surprising given the recent muggings on the 900 block of 5th street, most recently Saturday evening at around 9PM in front of the former Fun Fair Video.

  4. 5

    fourthandeye says

    Re: Anon

    This is a neighborhood in transition to be sure. Late Sunday afternoon when I was strolling around the ‘hood taking pictures I was heckled hostilely by a group of people who had set up lawn chairs on the 1000 block of 4th St NW.

    Later I was in the CVS and witnessed some very bad behavior. One group was taking an extraordinary amount of time checking out with a cashier by spending more time talking amongst themselves than acknowledging the cashier. I waited and eventually was serviced by the adjacent cashier. Next thing I knew a member of that group tried to breach the register area. It might have been about cigarettes. Whatever the reason, you don’t take it upon yourself to enter that area uninvited. The manager quickly came over and stopped that but did not say anything inappropriate. The troublemaker then began to berate him with F-bombs and said “don’t look at me that way or I’ll beat ur ass”. At that point my transaction was finished and I hightailed out…

    Crazy that someone could attempt to breach the register area then have the nerve to tell the manager that he should show some respect…

  5. 7

    Anonymous says

    i walked by last night around 8:30 and saw the bullet holes and shattered windows. once i got home, we called the police, not sure if they had even been by at that point. they said they would send someone over.

  6. 8

    Justin says

    I saw the windows on the way to 5th Street Hardware. I believe they may be from a bb gun. The first layer of glass was shattered but the second wasn’t. On the 5th Street Hardware windows, they took out the first layer and swept up the glass.

  7. 10

    Anonymous says

    Something needs to be done about the children & adults loitering in the Museum Square (@ 401 K St. NW) parking lot & shouting at each other all night. I've sent a letter to our Councilmember's office and requested increased police presence.

    Does anyone else suffer from the residents of Museum Square keeping them up all night?

  8. 11

    mediocre bad guy says

    Does anyone else love that it’s called museum square…

    what a relic.

  9. 12

    Anonymous says

    I second the comment about Museum Square. The loitering during the early hours of the morning is a big annoyance, as are the orange flood lights that sit on top of the building. The building is also generally ugly as sin.

    Anyone know if it’s there to stay? I read somewhere that the developer’s housing contract with the city expires in October.

  10. 13

    si says

    Museum sq is named for the former Wax Museum that used to occupy the block. i believe it was demolished in the 70s. It took about 25 years for city vista to get built.

    Regarding the Museum Sq apt. building, Ive been over there alot with the newsletter at all hours and its usually pretty calm. They do have security guards who are very nice. Perhaps this noise is a recent thing but I'm sure something could be done if the information gets to the right people. I'm also concerned about crack/ho central at 4th & K, we need to keep on the police about this. As this blog has pointed out, the MPD-1D yahoo group is a good place to send info.

  11. 14

    Anonymous says

    I have been a resident at Meridian Gallery place. I have been considering buying in City Vista. However, I am a little worried about the 1 block walk from K to I on 5th st.

    After seeing this posting I am even more worried.

    Has anyone in City Vista had problems walking to Chinatown at night?

  12. 15

    fourthandeye says

    @Anon 11:23 – the retail at City Vista should increase foot traffic and put more bodies on the streets. That often helps make streets safer. Additionally, development at 5th and Eye should the further cleanup of that 900 block of 5th Street. The CID does have 2 police officers patrol the area Friday and Saturday nights. Of course the safety decision is a very personal one. I would recommend checking out any neighborhood you are looking to buy not only during the day but also at night.