Updates on neighborhood retail

Results the Gym at City Vista is offering tours of the site and charter memberships at a discounted rate. Read the posting at the MVSNA blog for more details on pricing. I will add that the Results website says that the hours for the sales office at the new location are: Wed-Fri: 2-8pm; Sat & Sun: 10a-5pm.

Online ordering is now supported for the new Papa Johns that opened last Friday at 313 H Street NW.

I’ve heard from the grapevine that the deal for Lawry’s Prime Rib to move into the ground floor of the Penzance Building (455 Mass Ave) has fallen through. The leasing staff is working on another restaurant for that space.

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  1. 1

    PQS says

    I went to the new Dog Fish Head brewery in Falls Church a few weeks ago. Unbelievable beer and great food. They would be a perfect place for the lobby of Penzance. They’re looking to expand in N. Va. But why not in downtown DC? I’m sure Penzance is looking for something a little more upscale though.

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    My guess is that Penzance would want something upscale as well. Maximizes the rent and perhaps brings some prestige to the building.

    But upscale like a Lawry’s Prime Rib is really “destination dining”. Downtown has an ample number of these establishments and is certainly much better suited to support them than other areas of the city. Therefore destination dining establishments know that if they want to enter our market downtown is where they need to do it and they will pay the big rents. That said, if the choice could be toned down a notch to be a neighborhood serving/destination dining hybrid I think they would rake in more cash.

    They are right in the middle of 8 12 story high-rise residential buildings. A restaurant that could pull some of these residents in several times a month as opposed to a couple times a year would be a coup. I just don’t think this Lawry’s dinner menu is one that would be able to generate frequent repeat business from neighborhood residents. As another reader previously suggested an establishment like a Lauriol Plaza would…

    All that said… MBG has already weighed in as saying no to Chevy’s. I think most of us would agree on that!

  3. 3

    mediocre bad guy says

    I’m glad Lawry’s is moving out, they seem like they belong in some old stuffy building in the west end. lets bring some more cool to the Triangle. And no, Chevy’s is not cool : )

  4. 4

    Mr. Q says

    I walk by this building almost every day and keep thinking a Lauriol East would do a killing here…not that I’m a huge fan of Lauriol, but they’re local, and a nice place that gets repeat business as opposed to those “special” places you might hit once or twice a year…

    They’d sell a lot of swirls once that Dumont, Sonata, Madrigal and City Vista fills up…

    And thanks for the Safeway pics – those are great to see!