Friday Roundup

A roundup of some news in our hood:

  • The ODMPED has pushed back the BAFO date for the 5th and Eye project from July 18th to August 18th. This is second time it’s been pushed back a month. (note: BAFO = Best and Final Offer)
  • The Papa Johns at 313 H Street NW has been open over a week is now open. It is a carryout and delivery location but online ordering it not yet enabled.
  • Si Kailian commented earlier in the week that a UPS Store sign is now on the east end of the Penzance Building. I’ve confirmed and have a snapshot below.

My initial response which I left as a reply comment to a Si’s comment was this:

I don’t think I can muster up any enthusiasm for a UPS store in the Penzance building. I think it certainly won’t occupy more than the East end of the building. But this space with it’s glass facade and huge front patio needs retail that will engage the streetscape. The UPS store could have went into the vacant retail spaces at Mass Court or 400 Mass and still been in the same locale without claiming a space they’ll never untap the full potential from.

I still feel the potential of the patio is wasted by the UPS Store. But visiting the site again I did see that the East end of the building does not have the same 20-25 foot ceilings as the West End. So that corner of the building is distinctly different than the west end.

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