Poll recap: Most frequent transit option

The answer breakdown was as follows:

The response to this question will naturally be linked to a) which transit option gets you where you want to go and b) which transit station is closest? The Gallery Place Metro has the natural advantage in that it is served by 3 Metro lines. It is also clearly the closest station to the Triangle’s largest fully occupied condo building (555 Mass).

I personally use Judiciary Square metro most frequently. On my morning commute using metro I’m all about efficiency in getting to the Red Line ASAP. Distance wise my building is nearly the same distance from Gallery Place’s 7th & H entrance and Judiciary Square F Street Entrance. I’ve simply found Judiciary Square to be a quicker walk.

Why does it feel quicker? To walk to either station I’d cross Mass Ave and H Street at the 4th Street intersection. After that point the path to Gallery Place requires crossing 6th and 5th Streets. Over half the time at these two intersections I need to wait for the crosswalk signal which can take 30-50 seconds. However, on the walk to Judiciary Square, the streets are so devoid of traffic I barely need to pause at either G Street or F Street before crossing. That breaks the tie for me. After work, when time and efficiency are no longer paramount, I use either Gallery Place or walk from Metro Center back to the Triangle and take in the scenery. Anyone have a story/rationale behind their choice beyond pure proximity?

It will be interesting to ask this again after the Dumont and City Vista fill out.

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