Will Smith must have alot of Hilton Points

The Hampton Inn at 901 6th Street NW has a gigantic ad for the summer blockbuster movie Hancock. Will Smith pulls off those stunner shades but aren’t they generally for women?

Has the the north facing of this building been plastered with huge ads before? I generally approach the Triangle from the south or west and might have missed previous ads.

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  1. 2

    Anonymous says

    Yep, there’s always an ad over there. Not long ago, there was a Mayor Fenty/Verizon ad…

  2. 3

    fourthandeye says

    I’ve always noticed the Lexus ads at 3rd and K. My window has a direct view of that intersection. I was oblivious to these Hampton Inn ads until I started using 6th Street southbound rather than mess with 7th Street to travel through Shaw. Did they have any noteworthy ads before this one? Are they often for movies?

  3. 4

    si says

    oh YEAH. :) Fenty skin

    we had a DaVinci Code ad for a while, that was cool. Spider man …Oh & one time we had Marvin Gaye at 6th & NY..smokin hot! but will smith looks kinda funky..

    these “special signs” are a Jack Evans hookup. they bring in thousands for landbanking developers and campaign cash for Jack & his ex-pac…oddly enough legislation supposedly limited them but they seem to multiply as time goes on. They also arent supposed to go on vacant property but that happens too.