discusses Madrigal Lofts

Jesse Kaye of has a new video blog posting discussing Madrigal Lofts. He briefly touches on the Mad Money promotion and the use of full page ads in the Washington City Paper.

However the crux of the post is that he questions The Mayhood Company’s use of radio advertising as an effective way to spend their client’s marketing dollars. His analysis is based around the assumption that the national average income of radio listeners is $65K/year. Jesse breaks down what loan products Countrywide would be presently willing to offer to an applicant making $65K/year and concludes it’s not enough for anything but the smallest unit at Madrigal Lofts.

It’s a very narrow perspective and seems more geared towards real estate industry insiders than information the general public would benefit from. It also does not delve into the prospective alternative advertising options with statistics or Jesse’s recommendations. What’s the average income of City Paper readers? Does any local medium have a deep penetration into high income local singles? Maybe the Washingtonian – anything else?

Has anyone heard the radio ads? Are they cheesy? Do they have the stereotypical announcer guy voice over? =)

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