Washington City Paper: Hoods and Services

The Washington City Paper is running a guide to D.C. Neighborhoods coined “Hoods and Services“. The article does not drill down to specific D.C. neighborhoods but rather clusters then in to tongue and cheek names ranging from Carryouterbanks to HUDson Valley to Turrets Syndrome.

The Mount Vernon Triangle falls into a hood labeled Land of the Lofts. Undoubtedly a play on words relating lofts to past sci-fi works. This pseudo-community includes Logan Circle, Shaw, Mount Vernon Square, and Chinatown/Penn Quarter and ranks second overall in the “power rankings” to C-SPANistan.

The content for Land of the Lofts includes an essay, Census 2000 Stats and scores/blurbs on Kid-Friendliness, Housing, Eats, Consumer Good, Nightlife/Culture and Intangibles.

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