Another links roundup

  • Renew Shaw highlights $631,749.38 (!) in expenditures (taxes/repairs) Shiloh Baptist Church has spent on their portfolio of vacant properties in Shaw since 2005.
  • Fisher Raw’s title says it all “D.C. Official: Outdoor Seats At Pizza Place Will Mean Rapes And Murders“. A post on DCist also discusses the topic.
  • Several sources discuss DDOT’s plan to move low cost regional buses from Chinatown to L’Enfant Plaza (Examiner | DCist | GGW ).
  • Sparked by comments on a posting about the West End days earlier, Greater Greater Washington asks: “Is it true the West End has no community because it has no families, and it has no families because it’s all tall buildings and small condos“.
  • DCMetrocentric has renderings of Northwest One project just east of the Triangle’s New Jersey Ave border. This development aims to tear down and rebuild the area (including the Sursum Corda housing projects) as a new community. Northwest One will be mixed income, mixed use including a new clinic, library, recreation center, and rebuilt Walker-Jones elementary school.

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