Friday roundup

Just a roundup of links that maybe of interest.

  • District Chatter writes about a recent hard hat tour of the Dumont. I don’t agree with his comment about “‘faux loft’ exposed ceilings [are features] everyone will regret in 5 years.” But different strokes for different folks I guess.
  • DCMetrocentric brought my attention to the blog “Ellis Denning Sucks“. This blog highlights dissatisfaction of new owners of the Fennessy Lofts condos near Logan Circle. As one commenter pointed out: “[The site] is more than a rant, it illustrates the risks people take on when they buy new and they have to go through a building’s shakeout period“.
  • DC CityCouncil Member Jim Graham made some news earlier in the week stating on camera that Maryland drivers who commute in and out of the district are the “the devil incarnate

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