Council Passes Gutted Noise Bill & Single Sales Moratorium Deferred

Tuesday morning DC City Council voted on several issues with great relevance to the downtown and Triangle areas. The Council gutted the Noise bill before passing it.

The Single Sales of alcoholic beverages were also discussed. These single sales are magnets for loitering, public drunkenness, trash, panhandlers, and public urination. Miles Groves, of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, recapped the Council’s decision this way: “It was decided not to amend the current bill, but to create a new bill for Ward 6 and for ANC2c and ANC2f. The new bill should be read in two weeks, followed by a public meeting. After that, there will be a second reading and we hope the bill passes before the council goes into recess.

Other blogs have written about this with greater detail and knowledge than I could ever impart. Below I’ve listed a roundup of links from DC blogs recapping the issues. I found the Cary for Council post to be the most informative although some of the others have good discussions in the comments.

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  1. 1

    si says

    hey i just wanted to make a suggestion regarding the poll. perhaps merge circulator/metrobus & add walking/biking?

  2. 2

    mediocre bad guy says

    hey si, I thought about that when I made the poll but then realized that almost all of those methods of transport all required some distance of walking anyway…I can’t change it now that the poll has started :\

    Thanks for the suggestion though. Let us know if you have a good idea for the next one!