Mount Vernon Triangle Historic District

A reader asked a question about Historic districts in the comment section of yesterday’s post on the ANC 6C recommendation for 5th and Eye.

I dug around on the HistoricWashington yahoo group to find this map of historic properties in the Triangle. The map is attributed to Matthew Gilmore and you can visit his PDF by clicking through on the image below.

According to the map the historic properties are both to the north (5th & K) and the adjacent to the east (Eye St) to the property at 5th and Eye (463 I St NW) that the ODMPED has the RFP on. Among other properties this includes the old Capital Automotive Building (443 I St NW), Subway Liquors (500 K St NW) and the Louis Rogue gentlemen’s club (476 K St NW).

If anyone has any knowledge they can share about the Historic rules that might apply to these properties please share your thoughts? Will developers have to keep the facade of these buildings and build over them? If so, does the new structure have to be setback 20 ft? Are there other rules?

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    Anonymous says

    I recall the sales rep (proud L at City Vista owner here!) telling me that they have to keep the facade of the buildings, but can build up. My father, a zoning inspector in small town Ohio, said the same thing.