Wishful Thinking – Part 2: Parks in the Triangle: continued

Thinking about parks the past couple of days has got me wondering… Do americans really value the time, money, and effort it takes to keep these urban patches of green pristine? It seems to me that government run parks usually fall into disrepair rather quickly. Washington D.C., the capital of this first world country has a hard enough time funding it’s own National Arboretum let alone maintaining the mall (which is a nothing more than a large stretch of grass). How can we expect complex gardens to survive with this apathy towards our landscapes? 
Can we take matters into our own hands? 
By far the most beautiful urban landscapes I’ve seen have come in the form of urban gardens. Public patches of dirt where the community comes together to plant flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Let’s take a look at some examples…
Clinton Community garden – NYC (Courtesy of the Clinton Community Garden)

Culepeper Community garden – UK (Courtesy of Fin Fahey on flickr)

Fenway Community garden – Boston (Courtesy of bettlebrox on flickr)

Could we handle one of these in the Triangle? Or are we limited to the handful of planter boxes on our rooftops? Let’s imagine the possibilities.
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