Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Okay, the exclamations points really weren’t warranted. The new pizza vendors coming to the Triangle are merely national chains. I don’t even like Papa Johns. However it is promising to begin to see some additional retail will arrive to the Triangle soon. Where do we think these delivery drivers are going to park? It’s especially puzzling for Ledo Pizza. Let’s hope it’s their solution isn’t double parking on Mass Ave.

PQLiving broke the news on the new Papa Johns coming to 311 H St NW a few weeks back. The tarp has since come down and the signage has gone up. I’ve also peered into the storefront and have seen that the front counter would seem to be <= 8 feet from the front door. Seems likely this location will be strictly carryout and delivery.
I’ve also previously written about the future Ledo Pizza at 433 Mass Ave NW.

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    mediocre bad guy says

    looks like the big bad wolf could blow that papa johns away…what is it built out of, cardboard?