Auto Insurance Update

Fourthandeye posted a week or so ago about the insanity of DC car insurance. Well, I’ve just gone through the process of switching from Allstate to Geico, and want to report back to tell everyone to shop around. Egads, shop around! Allstate wanted more than three times what Gieco is charging me! This isn’t specifically to endorse Geico, as there were a couple of other insurers that had similar quotes to them (and others that were similar to Allstate). But it is to urge everyone to show around and do due dilligence: owning a car in the city can be expensive, but there can be much variability in these costs.


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    fourthandeye says

    State Farm ended up giving me the best rate. But when I got down to a few finalists it became clear you really have to talk to them on the phone. The online quotes will never give you the various discounts like ‘good driver’, ‘home owner’, etc. It seems only an agent can apply those to your quote.

    Also, FWIW my research said to stay away from AIG Direct. They come out with aggressive quotes that are appealing. But too many instances of that company raising premiums of drivers after the first 6 months despite zero infractions. Sort of a bait and switch tactic.