Opinion Poll: Funny Business?

I’ve been monitoring this months poll and have been surprised to see the results jump over the last couple of days bringing the i5 development (which was previously trailing the arts development by a large margin) come to a practical tie. However, I would just like to mention that this poll was meant for the regular audience of our neighborhood blogs to voice their opinions and not for employees of the companies vying for the proposals to necessarily participate in, skewing the results.

I monitor the access to our blog quite often but since this poll has been posted there has been a large increase in traffic from this domain mail.bluegreencity.com / referral which you can see is the domain for the developers of the i5 project… I’m putting two and two together here and wondering if perhaps that large jump came from the 27 hits we’ve just received from that domain.

Any comments? Thoughts? Below is the traffic detail for that domain as it pertains to the Triangle blog.

On a lighter note I’m finally done with my thesis and will now be able to devote more time to posting on the blog so stay tuned for more activity on the Triangle blog!

UPDATE: I just took a nap, 3 hours and an update to the website stats later and mail.bluegreencity.com has jump to the 11th largest source of traffic to our site since march. And now the i5 proposal has jumped in the lead. Spooky?

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    Madrigal Blogs says

    You know, I lived in Chicago before moving back to DC, so these sort of shenanigans seem perfectly legitimate to me. That said any politics that seems clean to a Chicagoan ought to stink to anyone else.