New D.C. Grocer Hype

I would guess the overwhelming majority of Mount Vernon Triangle residents have some level of anticipation about the new Safeway opening up at City Vista. Well, yesterday Adams Morgan finally had their grocer aspirations answered with the opening of a new Harris Teeter.

DCist and The Washington City Paper reported on the opening. This new grocery location already has reviews on Yelp. The 42 bus doesn’t think the new store matches the hype and suggests Harris Teeter is (just) a grocer. DCMud reports that this Harris Teeter was originally scheduled to open in Fall 2006. Let’s hope the City Vista Safeway doesn’t succumb to this fate.

Any predictions about the new Safeway? My thought is it’s just going to be an above average but unspectacular grocer and that’s plenty good enough. That’s far better than the typical D.C. Safeway or Giant. It’s not going to be a Wegman’s that people would drive dozens of miles for. Quite frankly I wouldn’t even want it be like a Whole Foods as I can never get half the stuff I need there.

image from Prince of Petworth

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  1. 2

    Anonymous says

    I agree – can’t wait for the Harris Teeter to open in NOMA – until then , until then I’ll continue driving to Pentagon City to go to HT instead of the Giant or Safeway. The Safeway in DC won’t be any different in terms of attitude than the other ones in the city or surburbs … so why put up with it?

  2. 3

    si says

    back in the day the developers made a big deal of promising an “urban lifestyle” safeway. still not sure what that means but i’ve had a general sense it would land somewhere between a regular safeway & whole foods. somewhere you could buy arugula AND orange soda. we shall see…
    In the meantime i think i’ll check out Teets!