Out-the-window Construction Updates

Sorry all for my non-blogging these past several weeks. The explanatory piece of advice: when you have consulting or small business income, use a tax preparer who knows the ins and outs of self employment tax…

Anyhow… there have been a few big construction-related events across the street, and on the street, from the Madrigal Lofts over the past few weeks that are worth noting.

First, on the streets, the streets all around the Madrigal Lofts were repaved over the past week or so (everything except Mass Ave). This is a welcome change, since they had been pretty torn up by construction. Presumably, too, it’s an indication that there won’t be any more heavy construction for the Dumont’s east side, because that would just tear up one of these streets again.

Speaking of the Dumont, all of the external scaffolding on the east side of the building was taken down just before the repaving (perhaps non-coincidentally). Other than the work elevator, all of the scaffolding is down on the north side, and there is only one small platform on the south (Mass Ave) side. To explain, this is the crane-like scaffolding that I’m talking about, where a few posts are anchored to the building from the ground to the room, and there is a platform that “climbs” these posts (a bit can be seen in the picture in the fourthandeye’s post below this one).

A few weeks ago, shortly after installing the underground electrics vaults that I spoke about previously, they took to moving large quantities of drywall (or equivalent) in through the work elevator–so they’re pretty well done with the outside I’d say and are working on earnest on the inside. To whit: I looked out of my window this morning and though that I saw aliens or space men walking around inside the Dumont–people walking around in white plastic suits with breathing gear on.

Unfortunately, my camera is out of commission for the time, so no pictures.


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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    Apparently, Mayor Fenty has announced plans to build a new homeless shelter at 2nd and H streets, in the park across from the Sonata. How many homeless shelters does one neighborhood need? I can only imagine what this will do for the property values of the Sonata, the Dumont, Madrigal Lofts and 400 Mass.

  2. 2

    mediocre bad guy says

    Haven’t heard anything about that. Can you point us to this announcement?

  3. 3

    Anonymous says

    Mayor Fenty will be attending the next MVSNA meeting on
    TUESDAY APRIL 15th at 7:30pm. The homeless housing situation and the effect of the Mayor’s plan on our neighborhood are on the agenda. So far, the Mayor has announced the construction of a shelter facility at 2nd and H NW (in the small park in front of our building that sits above I-395), and an additional shelter is now planned for 65 Mass Ave, NW (http://dcist. com/2008/ 04/02/dont_ call_it_ni. php).

    The meeting will be held nearby at the MCC Church (5th and Ridge St. NW) It’s a rare chance to talk to the Mayor himself!


    We received this news in an email from our board of directors at 400 Mass. Apparently, it was forwarded by the Sonata’s Board.

  4. 4

    Madrigal Blogs says

    We had a post about it here a week or so ago, and pqliving did a contemporaneous post that had some lively discussion.

    It’s clearly not a good development, but it’s not clearly a bad development, either. If I recall, it’s not at 2nd & H, but 65 Mass, by to Union station and on the other side of 395 from the Triangle area.


  5. 5

    Anonymous says

    lnjwiztWell, apparently, there is a plan to have 2 new homeless shelters. The one at 65 Mass Ave and the one at 2nd and H. The one at 2nd and H is supposed to be a smaller shelter to handle some of the overflow from the closing of the Franklin school. The Sonata board sent out an email announcing that there will now be two shelters with one being next to the Sonata.

  6. 6

    fourthandeye says

    Tonight I went to the MVSNA meeting that Mayor Fenty attended. He said that indeed 65 Mass Ave (Gales School) will be the future site of a homeless shelter. It has been a shelter site in the past and it was earmarked to be one again in the future after renovations were completed. That is why the Central Union Mission is moving there in 2009.

    When attendees inquired about the rumors of a new homeless shelter built on the park site of 2nd & H Mayor Fenty was caught off guard by this. I will get into it more in a dedicated blog post, but Fenty basically said that DC’s goal was to reduce the number of shelters and certainly not build more. They want to focus on transitional housing solutions rather than shelters.

  7. 7

    si says

    FYI when we talked to Councilman Wells regarding this, he said he does not support building anything on a park (2nd & H). also the site at 4th & L cannot support a development structurally because its on the edge of a hill.

    More clarification from tonight, they want to close franklin shelter and they have no plans to open or build new shelters aside from central union mission moving to Gales at 65 Mass. New supportive housing would be a mixed income situation as the georgia ave site that central union mission is giving up will be. we should all keep an eye out as plans change…but the direction is encouraging.

    oh meeting notes are up