Man’s Best Friend in the Triangle

Recently we received an e-mail request to post some information regarding neighborhood dog parks, dog walkers and pet-friendly establishments. This rather vague post is more so a call for information since I am not a dog-owner and have had a pretty difficult time finding pet-related resources downtown. It seems to me that despite the many pet owners in my building, downtown is not a very pet friendly place. Do our four legged pals have but mere tree boxes to relax in? Are they welcomed at any of our neighborhoods businesses? Most importantly where do people exercise and play with their dogs?

Share with us your knowledge about downtown doggie living.

In the meantime here are a few links relating to Dog-related news in the district:
Adams Morgan Dogs – Supporting Dog Runs in the District with specific focus to Adams Morgan
DCDOG Dog Park Task Force – Petition to enact new dog friendly public park regulations
MetroPets – Directory listing of pet sitters and other pet-services
Doggeeks – Dog parks in Washington D.C.

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  1. 1

    Rob Amos says

    Whenever my two guys need a break from being around me all the time, I take them to DogsByDay on 14th Street for a doggie day care session. They love the place and all their buddies there – plus the ability to run free in the facility with their buddies. No matter if it’s for a few hours or overnight, then always come back tired and which gives their Dad a break. Pet-friendly GreenPets is right next door as well which allows you to bring your pet in with you (or your pet with you in tow)

  2. 2

    Madrigal Blogs says

    I don’t have a dog of my own, but I know that several people in the Madrigal Lofts do–mostly of the midsize varieties. They’re all remarkably well behaved and very cute, at least all that I’ve seen.

    I also frequently see people walking their dogs on 4th St by the Building Museum. There are a number of little grassy areas around there, so even if it isn’t a big park it’s a lot of time the dogs can spend on real ground.

    –MLB [yep, I still exist!]