Starchitecture in the District?

I was reading the NYT and came across this interesting article about big name architects being featured prominently in new developments across the city. There are many exotic, beautiful, and sometimes groundbreaking new designs going up in Manhattan and many of them in the residential sector. Now why is it that we seem to not have ANY of these headed our way? What little “starchitecture” we do have is woefully diluted and dated. Where are the hot young talents of today? Wouldn’t you like to see them flourish in our fair city?

Architect Jean Nouvel stands in one of the apartments at 40 Mercer courtesy of New York Magazine

Why not put DC developments on the map?

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  1. 2

    Justin says

    Yeah, it would have been something if the Gehry renovation of the Hirshorn had been worked out. But I’d really like to see an apartment building (or really anything mixed-use) by a starchitect in the city. I think NoMa would be perfect for it.

  2. 3

    mediocre bad guy says

    I definitely like the development you linked to above; While I have never visited them I know Jim Abdo is all about good quality development. But however nice and attractive these buildings are they are what I would expect from every building being built today (in terms of architectural quality, nothing less) Unfortunately that’s not the case and we have plenty of awful buildings around. This is in many cases more the fault of the architect for failing to stand up to his client and giving them the cheap building that looks good on the developers books.

    I am curious however as to why there isn’t more development of this caliber in the district. I mean clarendon is nice… but millions of dollars for a loft there?

    All this aside what I’m ultimately interested in is innovative architecture which while NYC is seeing a good amount of right now us folks in the district are seeing zip. Maybe Norman Foster will impress us with the new development on the old convention center site.

  3. 4

    fourthandeye says

    Yeah, I wasn’t suggesting that the Abdo Development was Starchitecture. But I did think it was very cool and of a caliber that more DC development should aspire to.

  4. 5

    DG-rad says

    I think that a lot of the development in DC is more subtle — for example, Jemal’s new wonder bread warehouse in Shaw has a unique feel–
    and there are some office developments under construction and planned by architect Richard Rogers Partnership (I am referring to 300 New Jersey and 1201 K street) that have a more “starchitecture” feel

  5. 6

    DG-rad says

    but yes, now that I look at that slideshow, I am reminded that it would be nice to see some more “stand out” architeture here.

    too much and they all compete with eachother and look bad…but some would be great.