I just wanted to remind all of our readers that we are still looking for people interested in contributing to the blog. We would love to have someone representing each of the buildings in the Triangle (so far we only have the Dumont and Madrigal Lofts). If you are interested in writing for the Triangle send me an email here.

With a huge influx of new residents in the coming years a neighborhood forum such as this blog and many others can really make a difference in the community!

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  1. 1

    Paul says

    I submitted a comment on “Developers should be pissing their pants.” and it never appeared. Basically I signed a contract at Madrigal last Wednesday. I am still in the rescission period and could back out. If there is substance behind the Madrigal venting and I would benefit from knowing it – please share.

  2. 2

    mediocre bad guy says

    Hi Paul,

    Sorry about your comment, blogger sometimes is notorious for doing weird shit like that. In any case; my comments about Madrigal are definitely coming from an outsiders perspective. In terms of sales experience on the “Developers…” post and about Construction quality in this post. I am an architect so I have a keen eye for less than perfect construction. However I wouldn’t base any decision on my judgment. Talk to folks who have already bought in Madrigal such as my co-contributor MLB. Any other Madrigal Lofter’s out there should comment on this one too!

    Buying a home is such a big and difficult process and it’s a real shame there isn’t a better forum/more support for people like us.

    I hope you have better luck with your experience than I did!