So what’s new: Delays, Quality Control (or lack of)

I’m back in action and today I want to talk about delays in the Triangle.

As per many neighborhood blogs it’s quite obvious that we’re drooling for a new safeway… But what about other delays that are really throwing a wrench in our plans?

If we can recall back in 2007 the L at city vista had some pretty big delays in delivering because the city would not give the developer whatever paperwork it is they needed to be able to turn over the building to people that had put deposits on condos. Lately however the delay seems to be more on the end of the developers.

The Dumont was supposed to deliver in the spring of this year but it’s clear to most that it’s probably only going to happen in the summer. While many of us keep hearing dates as early as may, most of us who are familiar with construction can see that unless they work 24/7, two months to wrap up those buildings is going to qualify as a miracle.

Interestingly enough when I was looking at our neighbor DC Jeff’s blog the other day I realized that as recently as a week ago it seemed like some parts of Madrigal Lofts were still not finished. Did the developer start moving people in before they really should have to keep people from backing out of their contracts? Maybe a resident of Madrigal can enlighten us at to what’s going on at the top corner of the building pictured below? Bare concrete? Tyvek?

pictures taken on February 23, 2008 courtesy of District Chatter

As an architect and someone who bought a condo in one of these buildings, it is scary to see things like this.

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