Safeway Yay! … But what for now?

As with everyone else, I am excited about the new Safeway. But, also as with everyone else, I need to eat between now and June or July or August. Now, I’ve found my own ways to scrounge up food, so I don’t want to repeat the oft-asked refrain of where to get groceries around here.

But I do want to ask: does anyone have experience with Peapod or Safeway’s delivery services? I used Peapod when I was back in Chicago and loved it. But I have heard that their quality depends a great deal on which local grocers they work with, and how they get the groceries. In Chicago, or instance, they worked with Dominicks, and got their food direct from the local distribution depots–before it was delivered to the supermarkets–which meant that the produce was usually better than you could get at the actual Dominicks supermarkets!

Are things so good around here? Are the prices online comparable to the in-store prices? Are the deliveries reliable?

Inquiring stomachs want to know…


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    toby202 says

    This is kinda late, but I just found this blog. I live near 1st and P and bit north of your area, but its an easy 10min walk for me to this new location that even us up in Truxton Circle is looking forward to. The closest thing to me is the Giant on 9th and O. I use Peapod atleast once a month, and I’m very happy with it. You can find great deal and the products you get are very good.