Safeway soon…

I just got back from grocery shopping. Having one a block down the street from me means that I usually go every other day to get the freshest everything possible. Today I had an even more delightful experience. Not only was I able to buy this delicious beignet (french for donut)/pretzel, but I also had the most pleasant surprise when i realized that all of my groceries were packed so perfectly and with to much care that my deliciously fluffy desert was never in danger of being squished by the oranges, water, or big bottle of grapefruit juice I also bought.

I have high hopes for our new Urban Lifestyle Safeway and I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t be disappointed when I get back to DC. I’ll leave you all with pictures of my delicious dessert.

it’s a beignet, it’s a pretzel, its a BRETZEL

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