East End Edition

There’s been a lot of daydreaming around these parts as to what the Triangle will become in a few years so I figured I would roll with it.

A couple of posts ago yours truly imagined what it would be like if there were a high-end boutique hotel and while I know that there is a W going in at the former Hotel Washington it seems to me like the many ____ inns in this area are going to eventually have to give way to more upscale accomodations.

Enter Ian Schrager, the godfather of boutique hotels and an old man with an incredible edge. Him and Bill Marriott have just announced a new “boutique” hotel chain (read: W hotel) that will soon sweep the globe with one of the first ten properties being in the District.

“The designs for Edition are still in the preliminary phases, but Marriott said the hotels will “look like they were invented by Ian Schrager and not by Bill Marriott, and that’s why we got him.” Marriott and his company have been known, for the most part, for classic design. Schrager’s Gramercy Park Hotel is described on its Web site as “Bohemia reinvented for the 21st century.””

Unfortunately (and this is where my heart sank) the first DC edition is going to be somewhere on 18th st. NW. Don’t they have enough nice hotels over there?! They get two Ritz Carlton’s merely a mile away from each other and we have the nations highest concentration of red roof/hampton/holiday/residence inns.

I have hope though that in a few years this end of the district will be developed enough to attract an edition of our own. The East end Edition…ahhhh, sounds nice!

Read the full article here.

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