Establishing an Identity

In the next couple of years the many buildings coming online in the Triangle will bring at least…

City Vista K,V,L (292+244+149=685)
The DuMont East,West (187+370=557)
Madrigal Lofts (259)
The Sonata (79)
Eye Street Lofts (160)
Yale Steam Laundry (359)

555 Mass. (264)
400 Mass. (256)
Mass Court (371)
The Meridian (462)

carry the one.. WHEW that’s 3,452 residential units in or directly adjacent to the Triangle! And that’s not really counting the rest of those parking lots that have projects on the drawing boards. Anyway, my point is, there are going to be a heck of a lot of people living here and hopefully a bunch of retail lining the ground level of most of these buildings.

A View of the soon to be bustling K Street
from the Mount Vernon Public Realm Design Project

What kind of identity would you like to see this neighborhood establish? I can say that for the past 5 years I’ve lived in the district I always thought of the Triangle as Parking / Tranny-hooker heaven. But I’m thinking that once we’re all settled into it we could aim for something more like Fashionista-Lawyer / Design Within Reach district?

Architecturally speaking the Triangle isn’t trying to veer to far from the DC norm which is a shame given the fact that we have a veritable tabula rasa to create a neighborhood that differentiates itself architecturally. Think of the possibilities!

While I would love to aspire to have great design shops like New York’s SoHo I’m pretty sure given the rather mainstream thing that downtown DC is going for I’m hoping that we’ll at least manage to attract younger, hipper individuals than your typical ___ type. (I fail to be more descriptive so as to not offend anyone). The last thing I want to see is the same planned homogeneity you encounter in places like Ballston, Crystal City and Boca Raton, FL. How can we attract the right kind of development that can give us an intrinsic character different from the rest of the District and more importantly, what do you want that character to be?

Please discuss.

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  1. 1

    Shaw Rez says

    Why isn’t Yale Steam Laundry in your new-resident calculation?

    I think fostering the arts is one key to becoming something cool and different. Providing for affordable artist housing/studio space would do a lot. It would be amazing if a theater or two would open up; the loss of Warehouse Arts Complex is very sad for the area’s individuality/quirkiness.

    I also think neat restaurants are key. I don’t know how to attract specifically non-chain restaurants. A full-on Johnston and Whales type culinary school would be amazing (but that’s obviously dreaming big…).

  2. 3

    Madrigal Blogs says

    I just saw (for the first time that I’ve notices, at least), a sign on Mass Ave westbound at the intersection of 5th advertizing Yale Steam Laundry units available for delivery–this, right next to the sign for Madrigal Lofts that has been up for for the past several weeks. I don’t know if this was a Presidents’ Day promotional push (I know that Madrigal Lofts had some bonus incentives this past weekend), or if it’s a more permament advertizing presence.