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There was a discussion over at the MVSNA Blog earlier this week about the shenanigans at the last ANC 2C meeting. The events, at least as portrayed there, made me mad: how could the people who make up my political community be so trivial and unproductive! I felt embarrassed to be represented by ANC 2C.

But then I remembered, I’m not in ANC 2C! The Madrigal Lofts, Sonata, Dumont, and (I believe) both City Vista and 555 Mass Ave, are in ANC 6C. That’s right, many of the new Mount Vernon Triangle residences are in a separate political area than Mount Vernon Square, even though the MVSNA does cover the entire Triangle. In fact, ANC 6C is the same ANC as most of the Penn Quarter condos are in (though the PQ condos further to the west are in ANC 2C).

I don’t say this to diminish the MVSNA (not in the least!). I’m sure that they would gladly cover relevant parts of the ANC 6C meetings, for instance, if someone attended and sent a write-up to them. But! That requires someone knowing that we need to be going to the ANC 6C meetings! Given the great work that MVSNA does, it is easy to forget that we span two ANCs.

As I look at the map of ANC 6C, the Triangle’s new condos are all in ANC 6C01. The PQ condos are in ANC 6C09. And the Triangle area of ANC 6C01 is a bit of an appendage, unlike the PQ condos, which fall in the dead center and make up the bulk of ANC 6C09. While I expect that Kieth Silver, the commissioner of ANC 6C01, knows that these new buildings are here (has anyone from 555 Mass or the Sonata interacted with him), as these buildings start to fill up it will be incumbent upon us to make sure we are not treated as an appendage.


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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    As a member of MVSNA AND a resident of the Chimney … which is also part of ANC 6C, I can guarantee you that we do know that ANC 6C exists and they we do attend the meetings. In fact, I was at last week’s ANC 6C Zoning Committe meeting. Please don’t make assumptions about what we do and don’t attend … or what we are aware of… we are very cognizant that we cover 2 ANCs, 2 Wards, and 2 MPD districts. And we have been VERY active with happenings in ANC 6C. If you would like to attend the ANC 6C meeting with one of us and then post the minutes on the MVSNA blog, please feel free to do so … and come attend our next meeting on 2/19 and become an active partner with us in your area. /Rob Amos N Street NW

  2. 2

    mediocre bad guy says

    “Please don’t make assumptions about what we do and don’t attend … or what we are aware of… we are very cognizant that we cover 2 ANCs, 2 Wards, and 2 MPD districts. And we have been VERY active with happenings in ANC 6C.”

    I don’t think you should get so worked up about his post. As per the previous posts on this blog, we have commented on the fact that as residents of the Triangle it is often difficult for us to find out exactly what shenanigans are going on in our ‘hood. And as he said, he wasn’t trying to diminish anyone, merely point out some facts to those of us that do not yet know because while it may be obvious to you, it might not be to your neighbor.

    So less hostility and more understanding. Keep on posting, and I promise that I’ll be showing my face at those meetings very soon.

  3. 3

    Madrigal Blogs says


    Thank you for letting me know this. It is certainly good to know. And it goes to demonstrate the point of my post: that those of us new to the Triangle are naive in the ways that things work around here, so we need to get involved and start figuring things out. This, as demonstrated by my confusion over ANC 2C and 6C.

    As my cohort on this blog said, it is, frankly, difficult to find out who does what in the neighborhood and city. We’ve got the neighbothoods, the MVSNA, the DNA, the various ANCs and Wards, the police districts and PSAs, all of which have different boundaries. Invariably we new residents will be confused. Part of my goal with participating on this blog is to make my process of figuring this public, to help my fellow new residents.

    That all said, I did do some searching before my post, and have gone back and done more searching since your comment, and I have yet to find anything about ANC 6C01 in specific. I do find discussion of 6C02 and 6C09 and their commissioners. Do you know where I can find general information about 6C01, or is this as yet a “black box” of an area.


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    Anonymous says

    Confirming information through the website, your ANC 6C01 representative is Keith Silver (202) 679-7807). If you’re not getting information from him, then I suggest that you give him a call to voice your concerns. I’d also recommend that you make sure you are on the MVSNA Yahoo Group list ( As we’re made aware of meetings, we’ll pass the information along there as well as on the MVSNA blog ( site. And please make plans on attending the next MVSNA meeting scheduled for 2/19 at 7:00 pm at CityVista. it’s our annual “Heroes” recognition meeting. /Rob

  5. 5

    si says

    FYI the 6C01 position was vacant for a while. Commissioners Mark Dixon & Charley Docter were taking up the slack in the term before last. Also 2008 is an ANC election year if anyone is interested in being a public servant.

    Rob is correct, MVSNA does cover 6C since at least 2001. frequently business pertains to capitol hill as it is a very large ANC. We try to attend as many ANC, PSA, & Community meetings as humanly possible. The more people who become active, the easier this all gets to keep people informed.