Before there were parking lots…

…there was a gigantic market in the Triangle; the Northern Liberties Market was one of the many markets in DC at the turn of the century. While I’m very happy that in a few short months we’re going to have an amazing (cross my fingers) “Urban Lifestyle Safeway”, I would love to be able to walk out my door, down a few blocks to an occasional open market. With all the smells, and noise, and dirty rotting vegetables on the ground. Think of all of the great capital cities of the world that have them. London, Paris, Rome, Sao Paulo.

Who wouldn’t love to wake up early on Saturdays and Sundays to pick out the freshest produce, maybe even a live chicken. Now I know there is such a market in the Penn Quarter. I have yet to visit it, but with the influx of thousands of new residents into this part of town in the near future one more wouldn’t hurt. Seems to me like K street will be more than wide enough for it.

OK, so maybe we don’t need to have live chickens, but some plants and maybe herbs? Anyone second the idea?

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