Wishful thinking…

We keep hearing rumors about development in the Triangle and sometimes it’s well…fun to speculate what if?

The latest rumor isn’t about something thats on the drawing board or the planning stages but rather a building that’s about to be ready for occupancy in about 2 months. Since we’re on the topic of the Dumont (previous post) let’s talk about this rumor thats been going around regarding the developer turning the east portion of the project, 401 Mass. into extended stay apartments or a hotel.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some sort of W-like establishment that took over that building and provided us with a great little trendy meeting place for the south side of the triangle? I’m talking something like bar rouge on 16th, or firefly on New Hampshire. The space in the corner of that building would really lend itself well to that.

Here’s what some of my day-dreaming led to…

to the left I added a nice little W to the front drive of the Dumont East and to the right is the restaurant at the W times square, we could use something high design around these parts…

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  1. 1

    Shaw Rez says

    I love the general content of this blog, by the way, and I like reading about what other people dream of for certain spots.

    I look forward to reading more about the Triangle in the future.

  2. 2

    DC Jeff says

    Please no HOTELS! I do not want a hotel as my neighbor especially when they will be sharing a parking lot.

    -Future Dumont Resident

  3. 3

    mediocre bad guy says

    Dear Neighbor,

    Imagine the vitality a trendy hotel will bring to our parts? All of the Euro-guests with spending dollars. The hip lobby lounges. The overpriced cocktails. I WANT IT!

    I’m so over hotels that have the word INN attached to the end of their names.

  4. 4

    DCRay says

    Hey MBG,

    Actually, DC Jeff isn’t opposed to having a hotel in neigborhood, the issue is having the hotel connected to and sharing resources of the Dumont West building. Originally, the Dumont East was to be sold as condo as well, so sharing the amenities wasn’t a big deal, but when you have transient tourists/workers etc. sharing the same garage and rooftop, then security becomes an even bigger issue than before.

    I know when we signed the contract on our place nearly two years ago, the east building was to be condo, but if we would have thought twice about it if they said it would be a hotel… unless the outlined exactly how the facilities would be shared and such.