Dumont in Pictures

It looks like I was right about the canyon dug on the north side of the Dumont being for the electric vault. At least, when I went out to take a picture of the oblong pit, I found that it had become the home of concrete bunkers like I’ve seen used to house the electrics for buildings in other cities. I’ll try to chat with one of the workers tomorrow to get an update better than my semi-informed guess.

Turning to the south side of the building, here’s a view of the near-complete facade:

Continuing around the building, to the turn from 4th to Mass Ave, here’s a picture of the southeast corner from the east side of the building. About a week ago, the turn-off to make this right turn (which is currently blocked off by cones) was open to traffic but covered in about a half dozen steel plates. They cleaned the turn up earlier last week—the current work going on is in the intersection. One of these days they’ll be repaving this section of the road… I can’t wait!

And here’s a picture of the topmost floors of the northeast corner, again taken from the east side of the building. I think that this is the part of the facade that has the most work remaining to be done.

My favourite part of the building (as a non-resident): the courtyard on the east side. It was great to watch them pour the cement into the curvy patterns.


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