Brick (expected) clean contemporary lines (not expected): Eye St. Lofts, WSD Development
This is a new segment that will hopefully run every week discussing architecture in the Triangle and its surroundings. Note: Mediocre Bad Guy is himself an architect, woohoo!

I’ve been curious for quite some time about this new development on Eye street, Eye St. Lofts by Walnut Street Development. As the months pass there seems to be more and more talk yet equal amounts of ambiguity regarding the details. If you google Eye St. Lofts you’ll find that there’s been much talk for quite some time now (At least a year?); The developers were originally going to build condos and when the market turned out to not be as favorable as they had hoped, converted the project to apartments. That said, I’m not completely convinced that they won’t change their minds by the time they top off the building.

Architecturally speaking this building is pretty hot for DC standards. The fact that it’s not just preserving the facade but whole buildings is a little something that we need more of. Obviously I realize the insides will be most likely gutted etc. But according to the proposal they have on file the three historic structures they maintain on the site will actually be 3 independent units, likely having 2 possibly 3 different uses (residential, retail).

This building like the Ventana on F street, manages to bring energy to the streetscape without overwhelming it. This is no Frank Ghery, it won’t be an IN YOUR FACE piece of revolutionary architecture. Instead, it will be a pleasant, well designed piece of architecture. A beautiful background building if you will. Now if only we had more beautiful background buildings…(Don’t mistake beautiful for bland).

A March 2007 post in Penn Quarter Living shows some beautiful pieces of the proposal not found on Walnut Street Developments website , Check it out.

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