It seems to me that everyone was on the ball regarding the future of our community back in 2005 when development was at a frenzied pace. Unfortunately I don’t see this fervor (At least not on line anyway) anymore. I’m going to point you guys to a couple of great initiatives for the triangle that seem to have completely died by way of websites that haven’t been substantially updated since well…2005.

The Mount Vernon Triangle Project

Transportation and Public Realm Design Project
Last Updated: April, 2005

The Mount Vernon Triangle CID

Community Improvement District
Last Updated: Yes, the post mild updates every month or so. But I want more!

Mount Vernon Place (Development)
The developer of the easternmost third of the triangle.
Last Updated: Never. We want to know what the hell you guys are planning. As we can see by the buildings going up in front of the Sonata there has been a clear change in the otherwise picturesque master plan they had for MVplace… Shouldn’t they make their intentions a little more clear to us?

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