Historic Structures in the Triangle

I was just searching for something on google when I came across this power point someone created a couple of years back, before serious development in the Triangle began.

Download the power point here.

When I came across the slide of 419 Mass. I immediately became quite sad, I wasn’t really familiar with the area when I bought my condo at the DuMont and didn’t realize there might actually have been something on the site worth saving.

I realize we can’t hold onto everything, sometimes we have to let go of the past to build a better future for our communities… but if we’re gonna let go, we should at least be aware of what we’re sacrificing and be sure that what were replacing it with is seriously good.

There are still a few of these structures remaining in the triangle. Wouldn’t it be great if the were actually restored to their former glory? Do we really want a Triangle thats made up almost entirely of new, sometimes crappy and characterless construction?

Let’s think about it…

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    Anonymous says

    Remember — there are already over 500 people living in the Triangle. Some for up to three years. Before you start throwing too many stones about what is happening, please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that nothing is going on (until you arrive here). We have a vital involved community. We know each other. We know each other’s dogs. We go to community meetings and work with the Mount Vernon Triangle CID, our ANC, and our Council Member as well as MPD. Try going to the MVSNA or the DNA meetings and introducing yourself to some of the existing residents and find out what it is REALLY like to live here. Just a thought. You might want to actually know some of your neighbors before you comment on us.